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Starting from ME Route 3, turn off at the Hulls Cove Entrance to Acadia National Park and the Hulls Cove Visitor Center. Follow the Park Loop Road. At 2.8 miles continue straight remaining on the two-way section of the loop road following signs for Jordan Pond. Use the North Lot parking area on the right just before the Jordan Pond House. Walk down the boat access to the pond. The hike starts on the Jordan Pond Trail to the right.

During the busy summer months, parking is very difficult to find. Leave your car at the Hulls Cove Visitor Center and take the Island Explorer Bus. From behind the restaurant walk down to the Pond. Follow the Jordan Pond Trail to the right.


The Jordan Pond Trail provides excellent views of the pond, Sargent Mountain and the Bubbles. At the northern end of the pond there is the junction for the Carry Trail. Turn right onto  this trail which leads into the forest and gradually rises until it crosses the Bubbles Divide Trail. Turn right on to the Bubbles Divide Trail. After crossing the Park Loop Road, take the Pemetic NW Trail. This trail is a rugged ascend up Pemetic Mountain. Watch closely for blue blaze trail markers painted on the rocks and trees. Less then 0.2 miles up, the trail splits before rejoining at a viewpoint. Bearing to the right is the Ledge, a very steep granite face. This option is not recommended in wet weather. To the left, the Ravine leads through a narrow opening in the granite and has two wooden ladders. In wet weather, expect a stream to be running through the trail. After the split converges, the trail continues its steep climb through the woods, before breaking out on the open mountain top. Here there are excellent views of area ponds and mountains. After reaching the summit, the hike descends on the Pemetic South Ridge Trail, providing panoramic views of the ocean and surrounding islands. The last portion of the trail is wooded and ends at the junction of the Bubble and Jordan Pond Path. A right turn leads through the forest and crosses the Park Loop Road ending at Jordan Pond. A left on the Jordan Pond Trail leads back to the parking area.

Other Information

This trail can be started at the Bubbles parking lot. This option allows for an easy walk along Jordan Pond at the end of the hike but the lot is often full during the busy summer months. It's best to take the Island Explorer Bus. Begin your hike by crossing the Park Loop Road and starting on the Pemetic NW Trail.

Geocaching is prohibited within Acadia National Park; however, the park does sponser an EarthCache Program for those seeking a virtual treasure hunt!

Trail Manager

Visit Acadia National Park online for more information or contact

National Park Service
Acadia National Park
P.O. Box 177,
Bar Harbor, ME. 04609
Phone: (207) 288-3338

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Southern view from Pemetic Mountain.
Southern view from Pemetic Mountain.
Photo courtesy:National Park Service

This hike combines a variety of experiences from an easy walk along a scenic pond to a rugged ascent culminating at an open granite summit with excellent views of the Acadia landscape, the ocean and islands that surround the park.

Quick Facts

TownMount Desert
Length4.0 miles, Network
SurfaceRocks/Ledge, Dirt/Forest Floor
Other ActivitiesNone

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