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Travel east on ME Route 117 from Turner about 2 miles, and turn right at a fork just before a four-way intersection. Continue onto Center Bridge Road and proceed another 2 miles to the parking lot on right just before the Turner boat launch.

There is a small parking area for walk-in access at the southern end of the park off Conant Road.


Old River Road Trail (9.5 miles one way):

This trail forms a central corridor on the Turner parcel, popular with ATV users, snowmobilers, bicyclists, horseback riders, and hikers.

Homestead Trail (4.5 mile total loop, with 2.6 mile option, allow three hours for full loop):

Provides riverside hiking from the northern parking lot to the Picnic Meadow (1.1 mi), where you can take the Harrington Path (0.5 mi) and Old River Road Trail (popular with ATV users) back to the parking area (1.0 mi). To extend your hike, continue south on the trail past Picnic Meadow to the juncture with the Old River Road Trail that leads back to the main entrance (1.8 mi).

Ridge Trail (6.85 miles, allow 4 hours for hiking):

Follow the extended Homestead Trail to the Old River Road Trail (2.0 mi). Turn left, proceed over a bridge, turn right and continue up to a ledge outcrop overlooking the river (1.0 mi). Turn left and descend steeply toward the river on the Ledges Trail (0.4 mi). Turn left on the Old River Road Trail and return 2.25 miles to the Picnic Meadow and on the parking area via the Homestead Trail (1.1 mi).

Shared uses include mountain biking.

Deer Path Trail (8.0 miles round trip from the main parking area; allow five hours for hiking):

Accessed by foot only, following Ridge Trail, but heading right at the Ledge Overlook on the Ridge Trail, then following a portion of the Bradford Loop ATV Trail (0.5 mi) to the juncture, on the right, of the Deer Path hiking trail. At 1.5 miles, bear right at a fork onto Fox Run Trail and follow 0.5 mi to Old River Road Trail. Return via the Homestead Trail (2.0 mi).

Bradford Hill Trail (Variable length trips starting at 9.6 mile loop):

Offers hiking from the Conant Road entrance. Follow the Old River Road PrimitiveTrail approximately 3.8 miles, turn left onto the Bradford Hill Trail, then turn right on the Bradford Loop Trail and follow the Old River Road Primitive Trail back to the parking area.

Pine Loop Trail (5.7 mile round trip, allow 4.5 hours hiking time):

From the Conant Road parking lot, this riverside trail runs along the southern end of the park. Hike along the Old River Road Primitive Trail 1.6 miles, veer right to reach the Pine Loop Trail. 

Shared Uses include mountain biking.

Other Information

For a copy of the master plan for the park, please visit the Maine Division of Parks and Public Lands' website:

Pets are allowed in the park only on a leash. Please be respectful of neighboring boundaries. 

When spending time outdoors, please be prepared with extra clothing and appropriate footwear, map and compass, and adequate water and food. Inform someone where you are going and when you expect to return.

Trail Manager

Visit Androscoggin Riverlands State Park online for more informaiton or contact

Maine Division of Parks and Public Lands
Assistant Regional Manager
107 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333
Phone: (207) 215-6351

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avatar MarchSeptember 4, 2011, 8:28 am EST

Came in through the Turner entrance, some really well groomed trails, I even have a picture where someone left their rake leaning up against a tree. Little confusing when I reached the portion of the Ridge Trail; easily missed the indication that I was headed down the ridge itself. Hoep to get back soon and come in through the Conant Road enterance.

avatar MesnowstalkerMay 17, 2012, 11:12 am EST

I did a 5 mile hike in this park today. Thank GOD I know what I am doing as the trails are at best poorly marked. I followed the Homestead path to the fire road and back out. i plan on doing all paths but at age 63 and a recent heart attack survivor with a bad hip I need to be somewhat careful.

avatar MesnowstalkerMay 19, 2012, 11:35 am EST

Went in through the southern gate today. I did the southern loop and found it very littered with trees and brush blocking the path. Made it ruff but I managed to make it. As I measured it, it was a nice 5.75 mile hike.

avatar OnestepJuly 12, 2012, 11:49 am EST

The Pine Loop Trail is essentially nonexistent. It's badly overgrown. The blazes are faded, foot bed not established, new growth is so thick in places that it's more of a bushwhack than hiking. At it's southern end I completely lost the trail and just headed west before stumbling across a blue blaze in the middle of a blowdown infested new growth tangle.

avatar AvidshooterOctober 28, 2012, 4:57 pm EST

Took the family out for a hike on the first day of hunting season. Saw 9 hunters inside the first 3 miles! Good thing they didn't mistake us for a deer! Great area for hiking, but stay away from Pine Loop Trail, there is no bridge! didn't know it was a snowmobile trail, oops!

avatar simskisccNovember 20, 2012, 4:55 pm EST

This park is a beauty. Miles of trails along the river, old cellar holes of farms long forgotten, long rock walls, beech & oak trees on the ridges, thick groves of conifers, boulders, brooks, & more. Take a map & compass with you as there very few trail signs. Is there a group of volunteers that care for the hiking trails?

avatar simskisccDecember 4, 2012, 6:09 am EST

That rake. It's a well-traveled, hard-working rake. You can always find it leaning against a tree, where a clean trail turns to a leafy foot path. It should have a label on it that says "Use Me, Please!" When you find it, see how it works. Take your turn. Just do one section. Rake for a just few minutes, or an hour. Do your share in developing these wonderful woodland trails. Who knows how many hikers will enjoy these beautiful trails because someone left that rake along the trail.

avatar cwoodJune 28, 2013, 11:52 am EST

The park is very nice, but the trails are very poorly marked. My husband and I ended up doing an 11 mile hike around numerous trails. Worth the visit.

avatar swanOctober 13, 2013, 1:31 pm EST

First visit today the 13th of October. Very accesable, enchanting trails. I loved finding the cellar holes and rock walls. We will be visiting again soon.

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Bradford Hill Trail
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