About Maine Trail Finder

What is Maine Trail Finder (MTF)?

Maine Trail Finder is a free, interactive mapping site designed to help Maine residents and visitors find hiking, snowshoeing, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, and paddling trails across the state. Our goal is to help people get out, be active, and explore our state’s treasures, both those well-known and hidden. Detailed trail description pages allow users to view the trails, get essential information, submit trip comments and photos, find nearby geocaches, and a whole lot more. 

Why trails on the Internet? I like paper maps.

Trail maps are great and essential (we know, we make them for a living!), however, simply trying to find comprehensive sources on what trails exist in an area can be challenging. Maine Trail Finder brings together extensive and up-to-date information about trails in one convenient location. Search tools help users quickly find the right trail for a Sunday afternoon stroll or short-list a handful of trails to be explored during a week-long vacation in Maine. Administrators can quickly edit online trails data when notified by trail managers, and approve those changes so that they show up on the website instantaneously. The ability of trail managers and Maine Trail Finder account holders to post announcements and trip reports can help users know what to expect or entice you to choose one trail over another.

Please print out MTF trail postings to bring with you, or contact the trail manager for a paper map.

Why isn't my favorite hike on your site?

Posting high quality information on trails takes time. All posted trails are closely reviewed by Maine Trail Finder administrators and trail managers before they are made available to the public to ensure the maps and content are accurate and current. If you don't see a trail you think we should include, let us know!

Who administers Maine Trail Finder?

Maine Trail Finder is overseen by the Center for Community GIS (CCGIS), a dedicated mapping center based in Farmington, Maine. The website exists because of partnerships, collaboration, and widespread public involvement. Major project supporters are listed at the bottom of each web page. These financial contributions have been matched in value through significant in-kind support from trail managers, steering committee members, and students who all assisted with promoting the project, GPS’ing trails, organizing trainings, and sharing information about trails. 

What else do I need to know when using MTF?

Have fun. Be safe. Show respect. Be a good trail steward and show respect for the places that trail managers and private citizens make available for public use and enjoyment.

Share your knowledge. Sign up for a free Maine Trail Finder account and submit trip reports to help keep trail content engaging and current. This information is not only useful for trail users, it also helps trail managers and land owners better manage their trails. Also don't forget to tell your friends about MTF and like us on Facebook.

Give us feedback. Let us know what works well and what we can do to make it even better.

Help us keep MTF free. Consider making a tax deductible donation to help Maine Trail Finder grow. Are you a corporate donor? Support Maine Trail Finder and get your business profiled on the bottom of each and every web page. Contact us for more information.