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Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit
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Trail Activity Hiking/Walking
Location Benton
Difficulty Easy
Length0.4 miles, Round Trip

Short riverside trail along the Sebasticook River with a gazebo and picnic tables.

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking Snowshoeing Cross-Country Skiing
Location Georgetown
Difficulty Moderate
Length3.9 miles, Network

This extensive trail system on Georgetown Island stretches from the Kennebec River to Robinhood Cove and provides diverse year round recreation highlighting several features of the preserve including an old quarry, a freshwater pond, salt marshes and natural blowdowns.

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking Snowshoeing Mountain Biking Cross-Country Skiing
Location Bethel
Difficulty Easy
Length2.5 miles, One Way

The Bethel Pathway connects several public facilities, including Telstar Middle/High School, the skate park, play ground, picnic area, and a boat launch site on the Androscoggin River Trail. It also accesses several related businesses.

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking
Location Bethel
Difficulty Easy
Length1.9 miles, Network

Your walking tour of Historic Bethel Village. Spanning the 1770's to the 1920's, the sites and structures have been selected for their architecture, integrity and importance. 

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking
Location Big Moose Twp, Moosehead Junction Twp
Difficulty Moderate
Length4.2 miles, Round Trip

Nestled in the Little Moose Public Reserve Land, Big Moose Mountain peaks at 3,150 feet over Moosehead Lake and is home to what is thought to be the nation's first fire tower. Surrounded by beauty, this mountain is no exception.

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking
Location T2 R13 WELS
Difficulty Advanced
Length4.0 miles, Round Trip

This remote 2-mile trail hiking includes some ladders and steep sections as it rises to the flat-topped summit. Wide ranging vistas provide views of the mountains and lakes surrounding Moosehead Lake and the upper Penobscot River watershed.

Trail Activity Snowshoeing Cross-Country Skiing
Location T4 R8 WELS, T5 R8 WELS, T6 R8 WELS
Difficulty Strenuous
Length20.6 miles, Round Trip

10-mile long, groomed cross-country ski trail with views of the Traveler Peaks and East Branch Penobscot River.

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking
Location Wyman Twp
Difficulty Moderate, Advanced
Length9.2 miles, Round Trip

Marked by blue paint blazes, this trail ascends Cranberry Peak, with the possibility to continue on to the Appalachian Trail. Pleasant but demanding, it passes Arnold's Well and some ledges with views before reaching the peak.

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking
Location Dead River Twp, Wyman Twp
Difficulty Advanced, Strenuous
Length12.4 miles, Loop

Within the Bigelow Public Reserved Land this combination of trails is common among visitors because of its challenging nature and the ability to summit some of the range's highest peaks, West Peak and the Horns.

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking
Location Dead River Twp
Difficulty Moderate, Advanced
Length6.2 miles, Round Trip

This relatively short and accessible section of the Appalachian Trail affords users some wonderful views of the Bigelow Range and eastern end of Flagstaff Lake. A lean-to and nearby series of pools also provide interest along the trail.