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The Tenth Mountain Ski Center is on the Paradis Circle Road located 1.6 miles south of the traffic light at the center of town (intersections of US 1 and ME Routes 11 and 161) off ME Route 11. Look for the Maine Winter Sports Center sign on the right.

The Red Barn access point is located at the end of the Fort Kent Village Road which leaves the St. John Road on the south (ME Route 161) 0.7 miles west of the traffic light at the center of town. Those who wish to ski with a dog may begin at this trailhead.

The Violette Settlement Access point is 1.8 miles west from the traffic light at the center of town on the St. John Road (ME Route 161). Turn left onto the Violette Settlement Road. Park at the plowed garage parking area on the right.

The Green Bean access is from the Lonesome Pines Lodge (alpine).


The 10th Mountain Center has an extensive ski trail network with ten primary trails and loops, several of which have multiple cutoffs which allow for varied distance and difficulty. These trails range from beginner to advanced. The trails undulate through conifer forests and offer great views of the surrounding region. While some of these trails may have been built to test the world's top Biathletes, the Violette Settlement Trails, Volunteer Way, Waska, and Can-Am Loops offer easier trail options for beginners and intermediates. The venue also has over two miles of lighted terrain for night skiing. There is also a Pet Loop and the lodge is open to the public. Rental skis and snowshoes are available as well. This facility is free and open to the public.

Can-Am Loop (1.2 miles, moderate):

This is a fun rolling trail that originates from the biathlon stadium. With the exception of one sharp curve, the trail is not very technically demanding and is a great trail for those new to the facility. It has been used for all major competitions including the recent Biathlon World Cup. Several other more challenging trails intersect with the Can-Am Loop. The Can-Am loop is lit for night skiing.

Grand Outlook Loop (0.6 miles, advanced):

This trail is best known for its spectacular views of the Fish River Valley. The trail branches off of Volunteer Way and returns to the Waska Loop. It can be accessed from either of these trailheads. A short cut at the top will allow most users an easy trip back to the Waska Loop. Those that are more adventurous can enjoy the steep climbs and descent.

Green Bean Loop (3.4 miles, advanced):

This trail consists of a series of long steep climbs and challenging descents with sharp curves. The trail was described by one of the top competitors at the recent World Cup as one of the toughest he has ever skied. The trail can be accessed from the Lonesome Pines Ski Lodge (alpine) or from 10th Mountain via Piste de Voyageur and Saenger's Challenge. The green and yellow signs along the trail honor many of the Fort Kent high school skiers, Green Beans as they are affectionately known, that have competed at the State Skiing Championships.

Mickey's Loop (1.0 mile, easy):

Mickey's Loop is the shortest loop of the Violette Settlement Trails and is a great trail for beginners. Local skiing enthusiasts have long enjoyed these peaceful trails. This trail passes through wet soils which makes it often unsuitable for summer use.

Piste du Acadian Loop (2.0 miles, easy):

The trail is an integral part of the larger Violette Settlement Trail and is a great trail for beginners. Local skiing enthusiasts have long enjoyed these peaceful trails. This trail passes through wet soils which makes it often unsuitable for summer use.

Piste du Voyageur Loop (3.2 miles, advanced):

This is a very challenging and exhilarating trail with steep climbs and hard turning descents, which can be great fun for very skilled skiers. Skiers will be rewarded with awesome views of Fort Kent, Canada, and the St. John River. It follows the Can-am Loop for a portion of its distance. It includes Mikes Mountain which consists of a short, but very steep climb followed by a very steep downhill with a series of sharp curves. It is here where Sven Fischer took his infamous ski off the trail and into the woods during the world cup at what is now known as Sven's Curve. The trail then leads to the top of Lonesome Pine Ski Area (alpine), which is located on the north side of the mountain. From there skiers can view the St. John River, Canada and the town of Fort Kent. After reaching the top of Lonesome Pine, the trail then descends down a series of sharp, steep S-curves. A portion of this trail is also lit for night skiing including Mikes Mountain. The trail includes the outer rollerski loop.

Saenger's Challenge (0.8 miles one-way, advanced):

This trail was built to test the skills of the best cross-country downhillers and climbers. Those that are gifted at both will excel on this rigorous trail. The climb includes the infamous Pinette Hill. The trail can be accessed from either the Piste du Voyageur or the Green Bean Trails. Saengers Challenge was named in honor of Max and Karen Saenger for all their hard work and dedication to 10th Mountain Center and to skiing in general throughout the county. Max served as vice-president of economic development for Maine Winter Sports Center until spring 2007 when he left to take a position as Biathlon Sports director for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Max was instrumental in the development of 10th Mountain Center and in the many national and international level events hosted at the venue since 2000. This consists of a technical downhill section at the start and a long climb.

Spike's Loop (0.75 miles, easy):

This trail detours from the Violette Settlement Loop and navigates the edge of a field which is accessed by an out-and-back trail. Nice views of the St. John Valley can be seen from the high point of the field. Access to the trail can be from either of the following trailheads via the Violette Settlement Trail.

Volunteer Way (1.0 mile, easy):

The Volunteer Way, formerly Known as the Pet Loop, is the only trail that allows skiing with your dog. Like the Can-Am Loop, it is not a very demanding trail. It is accessible from the lodge or from the Red Barn entrance and consists of gradual ups and downs. It is approximately 2.5km in length.

Waska Loop (0.8 miles, easy):

The Waska Loop, named after one of our World Cup mascots, begins at the 10th Mt Center. It is an easy 1.3km in length. This trail is lit for night skiing.

Other Information

Please consider making a donation to help cover operating costs or becoming a member of the 10th Mountain Ski Club, which includes snowshoers and mountain bikers.

Trail Manager

Visit 10th Mountain Ski Club online for more information and a printable map or contact:

10th Mountain Ski Club
PO Box 541
Fort Kent, ME 04743
Phone: (207) 834-6203


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