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From I-95 Northbound: Take Exit 184 in Bangor to Ohio Street. Continue straight across Union Street (it appears you are going back onto I-95), and bear right to come out on Ohio Street. Turn left onto Ohio Street and go 2.0 miles. The Brown Woods parking area will be on the left.

From I-95 Southbound: In Bangor, take Exit 184 to Union Street. Take a right onto Union Street and go 1.2 miles, turn right onto Griffin Road; go 0.8 miles on Griffin Road then turn left onto Ohio Street. Go 0.7 miles on Ohio Street, the Brown Woods parking area will be on the left.


Thanks to selective thinning, many of the old-growth Eastern White Pines in Brown Woods have been preserved. These trees tower over a lovely loop trail which totals a mile in length.

The trail begins at the parking area and heads into forested wetland; the trail is flat and is composed of gravel/packed dirt. Along with the tall Pines, there are tree species such as Larch, Northern White Cedar and Siberian Elm. The delicate and beautiful Pink Lady Slipper can be found here in the Spring; just be sure to look and not touch, as they are relatively rare. The path continues through the forest and comes up next to a stand of hardwoods including Northern Red Oak, American Beech and Paper Birch with areas of Bracken and Canada Mayflower (wild lily of the valley) beneath.

The trail curves to the right and passes by a branch of trail (on the right) which leads back toward the center of the park. Continuing on the main trail, you will come upon a packed dirt side trail that veers toward the left, this trail takes you to a small pond bordered by exposed rock. This is a great spot to sit and take a break or look for frogs in the water.

At this point, the trail heads toward a residential area; the park trail continues to the right here. The dirt path heading directly toward the residential area is not considered part of this trail system. Looping back around, the trail travels under Balsam Fir with a carpet of Blue-Bead Lily and Eastern Starflower. The trail branches off to right, cutting through the center of the forest. This path connects the two sides of the loop trail and is composed largely of a leaf litter footbed.

Staying on the main trail, past this branch, brings you under many more tall Pines and back toward the parking area. There are numerous benches to sit and take a break along the sides of the trail here. Toward the end of this side of the trail, you will pass through a clearing. The trail ends next to the kiosk located at the parking area.

All of this trail is accessible via wheelchair, except for the side trail heading toward the pond.

Trail Manager

Visit Bangor Parks and Recreation online for more information or contact:

Bangor Parks and Recreation
647 Main Street
Bangor, ME 04401
Phone: (207) 992-4490


fizzy November 20, 2018, 3:08 pm EST

Ronnie Buck

Nice little trail that's easy to hike. I did not see any graffiti and I hiked all through the area, even off-trail. It's dog friendly and with bi-weekly hikes over the past 7 months, I never found a tick on my dog or myself. The "wet" was from April and May but wasn't so bad that it couldn't be avoided.

bigjohnhersey2 June 08, 2014, 3:31 pm EDT

The trails were very nice, but lots of graffiti. Not for any families that have children that can read!

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