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The trail system can be accessed anywhere the trails intersect streets and also in Riverside Park. The southern trailhead of the Riverside Trail South and the western trailhead of the Riverside Trail West both connect to the multi-use St. John Valley Heritage Trail. Riverside Trail South and Riverside Trail North can both be accessed from the McDonald’s on Main Street.


The Riverside Trail System is a network of non-motorized trails through downtown Fort Kent, along the Saint John River and Fish River. It begins and ends at intersections with the multi-use Saint John Valley Heritage Trail and can be traversed in sections, one-way, or as a loop. The system is a connection of Riverside Trail West, Riverside Park Loop, Riverside Trail South, and Riverside Trail North.

  • The Riverside Trail West offers splendid view of the Saint John River and the Canadian landscape on the other side of the River. Where the Riverside Trail West overlaps an Interconnected Trail System (ITS) trail along the Saint John River levee, the trail is shared with ATVs and snowmobiles.
  • The Riverside Park Loop is a paved trail with concrete; the loop is surrounded by trees and lawns next to Saint John River.
  • The Riverside Trail South is a woods trail that goes through the forest on the east side of the Fish River.
  • The Riverside Trail North passes the Riverside Park that has many facilities for everyone. Its western section offers great view of the confluence of the Fish River with the Saint John River and shades in summer.

Other Information

The Riverside Trail West passes by Fort Kent Blockhouse, which is located at the confluence of the Fish River and the Saint John River. This state-owned structure is the only extant fortification relating to the "Bloodless" Aroostook War of 1838-9, and the border dispute between Great Britain and the United States. In addition to being listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the structure is a National Historic Landmark. The Riverside Trail West also passes the America’s First Mile Monument. The Monument was built in 2010, marking the beginning of the US-1.

Trail Manager

Visit the Town of Fort Kent online for more information, or contact:

Town of Fort Kent
416 West Main Street
Fort Kent,ME 04743
Phone: 207-834-3090


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