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Trailhead at Marden's department store: From the Madawaska Post Office, turn right onto US-1/Main Street and continue for 1.0 miles. Turn left onto 25th Avenue, then left onto Fox Street. Marden's is immediately on the right, and parking is available in the shopping complex.

Trailhead at Madawaska Recreation Center: From the Madawaska Post Office, turn onto US-1/Main Street and continue for 0.1 miles. Turn right onto 6th Avenue and continue for 0.2 miles. Turn right onto Gerald Street then merge left onto 7th Avenue. Turn left into the Recreation Center, where parking is available.


This trail follows the streets of Madawaska, running roughly parallel to US-1 and connects to landmark buildings: Marden’s department store and the Madawaska Recreation Center. The trail's western trailhead is located at Marden's, from there the trail follows Fox Street east and leads users near to the Martin Acadian Homestead. The trail turns onto French Street where users pass Martin Brook and athletic fields. Finally, the trail turns right onto 7th Street; at this turn users can choose to go straight instead to access the Multi to Cross Trail. The Madawaska Recreation Center is just south a short distance from the turn onto 7th Street.

Trail Manager

Visit the Town of Madawaska online for more information, or contact:

Town of Madawaska
328 St. Thomas Street, Suite 101
Madawaska, Maine 04756
Phone: 207) 728-6351


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