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From Ellsworth: From Main Street, take  ME-172 south to Surry. Turn left onto ME-176; continue 2.2 miles to the Zendo parking lot on the left. 

From Orland: Follow ME-176 south to Surry, and jog right across ME-172 to the left turn onto ME-176. Continue 2.2 miles to the Zendo parking lot on the left.

A granite pedestal and a red and white painted sign mark the Zendo parking area.


Follow the footpath marked with an "MBZ" sign and arrow, leading from the north side of the parking lot, over a small bridge, and down the wooded hill toward the Zendo. Turn left by a stone sculpture reminder to respect the quiet and tranquility of the Zendo, sculpted by Lenore Straus. From here, you can see a view of the Zendo straight ahead and the Meeting Hall to the right. Follow the path through the woods and across a bridge to reach the Moss Garden.

Stairs and small wooden hoops mark the way through the Moss Garden. Take a moment to enjoy the bench at the top of the hill, while contemplating the Kannon sculpture by Lenore Straus and the beauty of the garden. A path loops around the garden to return to the bridge. After crossing the bridge, turn right to return to the silence sculpture and the original footpath which returns up the hill to the parking lot.

The Zendo Contemplative Path is open to visitors from 9 am to 5 pm daily, unless otherwise posted at the trailhead as closed for a retreat. The historic Zendo building is open for viewing prior to regular meditation periods (which are posted on the Zendo website); walkers are welcome on the Zendo Path at these times as well.

Please no pets or cell phone use on the Zendo grounds. Enjoy the Zendo Path as shown, but please respect the privacy of those that reside in buildings beyond the Meeting Hall. 

Other Information

The Morgan Bay Zendo offers an opportunity for people to practice Buddhist meditation whatever their background or faith may be. Buddhist meditation is a means of developing the mind so that it may be awakened to its own inherent wisdom and compassion. To facilitate this awakening, the Zendo offers retreats as well as daily meditation periods from April to December each year. The Zendo practice includes the Zen, Ch’an, and Vipassana schools of Buddhism.

The Zendo is a non-profit corporation, whose activities are managed by a Board of Directors. Formerly known as Moonspring Hermitage, it was founded by Walter Nowick in 1971. Following his resignation in 1985, the Zendo was renamed and reincorporated as the Morgan Bay Zendo.

Trail Manager

Visit the Morgan Bay Zendo online for more information, or contact:

Morgan Bay Zendo
532 Morgan Bay Road
Surry, Maine 04684


Lyn Ciampa December 17, 2017, 11:52 am EST


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