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Although this walk may be accessed from many locations, it officially begins in Central Park at the corner of School Street and Washington Street. Parking is available on the street and at the municipal parking lot across the street.


The trail is located on City of Sanford sidewalks with only a small portion going over forested floor.  All signs describing historical locations along this trail are easily viewed from the sidewalk and include photos from the historical archives of the late photographer Fred Philpot with permission from the Sanford/Springvale Historical Committee. 

Trail Manager

Sanford Trails is an all-volunteer organization that promotes, builds, and manages trails in Sanford and Springvale. Learn more by visiting: www.sanfordtrails.org

Sanford Trails
919 Main Street
Sanford, ME 04073
Phone: (207) 324-9135


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Leave No Trace Principle

Minimize Campfire Impacts

Follow the Maine Forest Service fire regulations and check the current fire danger level before you go camping.