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From the Village take Gilman Road towards Cousins Island. The fields of Fels-Groves Farm open up within a quarter mile on both sides of Gilman Road. Park in the parking lot on the right just past the treeline.


Foot trails in the southern parcel offer year-round use, and the entire Preserve is accessible with snowshoes in winter. The property consists of 25 acres of fields and 30 acres of woodlands, owned and managed by the Town of Yarmouth. Beyond the fields are steep ravines that drain south to the upper Broad Cove estuary and north to the Royal River. 

The southern parcel’s rear boundary is the CMP power line, the location of the new West Side Trail. Meadows of grasses, ferns and wildflowers border the road and are mowed annually to prevent them from turning into woodlands, with paths in the field mowed more often. A small woodlot west of the parking lot along Gilman Road has a handicapped accessible loop trail. The mature mixed-wood forest southeast of the fields contains a small stream and ravine amid a younger forest of black cherry, paper birch and numerous shrubs. The forest east of the ravine has stately, large red oaks. The ravine extends south to the upper reaches of Pittee Creek and the Broad Cove estuary. There are loop trails around both the open fields and the woods. The West Side Trail Connector, running along the west edge of the field from the parking lot, is the only trail segment upon which mountain bikes are permitted. 

The northern parcel (adjoining the privately owned historic brick farmhouse) has grassy pastures that slope gently to a series of steep ravines that drain north to Whitcomb’s Creek, a brackish tidal tributary to the Royal River. The ravines are forested with hemlock, American beech, red oak, red maple, and white ash. The northern parcel has no developed trails at present, and is best explored in winter using snowshoes. Be mindful of the neighbors’ privacy.

For bicycle access to the West Side Trail, one option is to park at the Fels-Groves Farm Preserve parking lot off the Gilman Road. With the exception of the marked bicycle path leaving the parking lot leading due south along the tree line, bicycles are not allowed on this Preserve.

Trail Manager

Visit Yarmouth Community Services online for more information or contact:

Yarmouth Community Services
200 Main Street
Yarmouth ME 04096
Phone: 207-846-2406


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