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Facilities: Limited Parking Available at Littlejohn Island Preserve –
This Preserve is frequently at capacity, any time of day, any time of year, requiring visitors arriving by car to turn around and go elsewhere. Parking rules are simple: Four cars only. Only in the parking lot. Sunrise to sunset. Never on the shoulders. Never at the end of the lane. Thank you for understanding.


After crossing on to Cousins Island, turn left off Cousins Street onto Talbot Road by the Community House. Cross the causeway onto Littlejohn Island, then turn left onto Littlejohn Road after a few hundred feet. In another few hundred feet, turn left onto Pemasong Lane. Follow Pemasong Lane (please strictly respect posted speed limit of 15 mph) until you reach a parking area on the left (GPS address: 244 Pemasong Lane, Yarmouth), just before the stone gate with the “private” sign on it. Park in this area only, using only the four signed spaces during daylight hours only. Parking is typically at capacity during both summer and winter weekends; please plan on weekday use or walk or bicycle from your home or head-of-island parking spots. In no case should anyone, ever, park on the road shoulders. 

NEIGHBORS WOULD LIKE THE PUBLIC TO KNOW THAT PARKING VIOLATORS WILL BE TOWED. Please never park on any road shoulders, even those shoulders that are not signed for “no parking.” The Royal River Conservation Trust (RRCT) does not own the road or road shoulders, even those mowed road shoulders that abut the preserve ownership. RRCT does not invite, nor do road owners allow, any party to park on the road shoulders.

From the parking area, walk down to the end of the road through the stone gate to the entrance of the preserve (2/10 of a mile, straight ahead, all turns are private driveways).

There is a way station where the preserve trail leaves the road, that serves as a disability pick up/drop off vehicular access point only for vehicles with plates/placards. No parking is available here regardless of plates/placards.


Daytime visitors are welcome to walk the 1.3 mile loop trail along the road then hugging the coast. The trail is largely dry and well maintained, but contains many split log or parallel plank bridges which require balance and shoes with traction. Trails are not suitable for baby carriages. Along the trail, you will find numerous scenic viewpoints, tide pools and ledges, and a picnic area. 

Other Information

Additional Rules:

  • Preserve is open during daylight hours only.
  • No bicycles on trails after way station, where bike parking is available.
  • No launching boats from the preserve. Boats or paddlers may launch elsewhere and paddle to the property for daytime picnics. Approaching from the water, all docks are private, the preserve offers only natural landing spots. 
  • Dogs on leash while on roads.
  • Carry out all waste, especially pet waste.
  • Hunting is not permitted in the preserve. However, hikers should always wear orange during hunting season.
  • Other rules as posted on kiosks or at www.RRCT.org.


Seventeen acres of the 23 acre preserve were protected in 1990 by a conservation easement with no guaranteed public access. In November of 2006, the entire 23 acres was acquired by the Royal River Conservation Trust, with public access governed by RRCT policy. Major trail work first occurred in 2011. Stone stairs to the ocean were installed in 2012 with the assistance of the Maine Conservation Corps. A newly expanded parking lot was built in 2015 by neighbors and deeded to RRCT.

Trail Manager

Visit Royal River Conservation Trust online for more information and a printable map or contact:

Royal River Conservation Trust
PO Box 90
325 Main Street
Yarmouth ME 04096
Phone: (207) 847-9399


tonerspill May 28, 2017, 5:19 pm EDT

Arrived at 8 Sunday morning and all the spaces were available. It was worth the trip, plenty of wildlife, great views of the ocean and came upon two Bald Eagles resting off shore.

heathernpaige August 12, 2016, 12:45 pm EDT

Worst parking ever. Only 4 parking spots and if you park anywhere elese, you will be towed. Wasted trip there to find out all 4 spots were filled.

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