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Trail Activity Paddling
Location Attean Twp, Bradstreet Twp, Brassua Twp, Hobbstown Twp, Jackman, Long Pond Twp, Rockwood Strip T1 R1 NBKP, Rockwood Strip T2 R1 NBKP, Sandwich Academy Grant Twp, T3 R4 BKP WKR, T3 R5 BKP WKR, T5 R7 BKP WKR, Taunton & Raynham Academy Grant, Tomhegan Twp
Difficulty Strenuous
Length65.0 miles, One Way

The 740-mile Northern Forest Canoe Trail traverses some of the most scenic paddling country in the northeast. Section 10 of the trail explores Spencer Stream and Lake and the Moose River as it drains to Moosehead Lake.

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking
Location Misery Twp
Difficulty Moderate
Length3.2 miles, Round Trip

Enjoy a modest day-hike to a historic fire-tower site where you can take in views of the sprawling forests from the Moosehead Lake Region to Canada.

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking
Location Big Moose Twp
Difficulty Advanced
Length3.4 miles, One Way

The newly constructed Eagle Rock Trail traverses working forest land and a forest reserve while heading to several stunning vistas atop mountain ledges overlooking Moosehead Lake and the Upper Kennebec Region.

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking Snowshoeing
Location Moxie Gore
Difficulty Moderate
Length2.0 miles, Round Trip

Moxie Falls is one of Maine's highest waterfalls, including a single vertical drop of nearly 90 feet as well as other plunges and pools. A relatively easy walk of a little under one-mile brings visitors down to this scenic destination.

Trail Activity Paddling
Location Big Moose Twp, Misery Gore Twp, Sapling Twp, Taunton & Raynham Academy Grant
Difficulty Moderate
Length11.1 miles, One Way

Paddle one of the two outlets from Moosehead Lake. See north woods scenery and wildlife while experiencing a mix of flatwater and modest whitewater along the start of the Kennebec River.

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking
Location Big Moose Twp, Moosehead Junction Twp
Difficulty Moderate
Length4.2 miles, Round Trip

Nestled in the Little Moose Public Reserve Land, Big Moose Mountain peaks at 3,150 feet over Moosehead Lake and is home to what is thought to be the nation's first fire tower. Surrounded by beauty, this mountain is no exception.

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking
Location Moosehead Junction Twp
Difficulty Moderate, Advanced
Length9.7 miles, Network

The hiking trails running along Little Moose Mountain provide a range of outdoor opportunities from a modest day hike to fishing undeveloped ponds to primitive hike-in camping in a scenic, remote setting.

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking Snowshoeing Cross-Country Skiing
Location Carrying Place Town Twp, Lower Enchanted Twp, T3 R4 BKP WKR, T3 R5 BKP WKR, West Forks Plt
Difficulty Advanced
Length14.2 miles, One Way

This northernmost section of the Maine Hut Trail between Long Falls Dam Road and US-201 follows the the Dead River through remote wetlands and rolling hills to access the Maine Huts & Trails Grand Falls Hut.

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking Snowshoeing
Location Kineo Twp
Difficulty Easy, Moderate
Length6.1 miles, Network

The sheer face of Mount Kineo, with 700-foot cliffs, forms the centerpiece of a spectacular landscape long cherished for its natural beauty and plentiful resources.

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking
Location Bald Mountain Twp T2 R3, Caratunk, The Forks Plt
Difficulty Moderate
Length6.6 miles, Network

Pleasant Pond Mountain is accessible from the west or east along the Appalachian Trail and has open ledges that offer fine views in all directions.