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Trail Activity Hiking/Walking Snowshoeing Cross-Country Skiing
Location Georgetown
Difficulty Moderate
Length3.9 miles, Network

This extensive trail system on Georgetown Island stretches from the Kennebec River to Robinhood Cove and provides diverse year round recreation highlighting several features of the preserve including an old quarry, a freshwater pond, salt marshes and natural blowdowns.

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking
Location Big Moose Twp, Moosehead Junction Twp
Difficulty Moderate
Length4.2 miles, Round Trip

Nestled in the Little Moose Public Reserve Land, Big Moose Mountain peaks at 3,150 feet over Moosehead Lake and is home to what is thought to be the nation's first fire tower. Surrounded by beauty, this mountain is no exception.

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking
Location Dead River Twp, Wyman Twp
Difficulty Advanced, Strenuous
Length12.4 miles, Loop

Within the Bigelow Public Reserved Land this combination of trails is common among visitors because of its challenging nature and the ability to summit some of the range's highest peaks, West Peak and the Horns.

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking
Location Dead River Twp
Difficulty Advanced
Length8.0 miles, Round Trip

The wooded and bouldered Safford Brook Trail connects to the Appalachian Trail and provides a challenging climb from Flagstaff Lake to Avery Peak, Bigelow Range's second tallest peak.

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking Snowshoeing
Location Windham
Difficulty Moderate
Length2.4 miles, Network

The Black Brook Preserve trail network has rolling hills, mature trees, and brooks along with a variety of wildlife and plant life. The trails are great location for bird watching and enjoying the historic charm of Windham.

Trail Activity Mountain Biking
Location Augusta
Difficulty Easy, Moderate, Advanced
Length10.4 miles, Network

Bond Brook Recreation Area is a 270-acre urban wilderness area within the City of Augusta with excellent opportunities for mountain biking, hiking, and snowshoeing.

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking
Location Amherst
Difficulty Moderate
Length2.0 miles, Loop

Located within easy striking distance from Bangor, Brewer and Ellsworth, the Bald Bluff Trail at the Amherst Mountains Community Forest is a relatively short trail with two scenic viewpoints and a quiet, remote feel.

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking
Location Amherst
Difficulty Moderate
Length3.3 miles, Network

Located within easy striking distance from Bangor, Brewer, and Ellsworth, the Partridge and Ducktail Ponds Trails provide access to remote feeling ponds and primitive camping, and a nearby day-use area.

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking Mountain Biking
Location Turner
Difficulty Easy, Moderate, Advanced
Length17.1 miles, Network

This extensive trail network, offering numerous recreational opportunities for mountain bikers, stretches over 2,345 acres, making for an adventure. Scenic outlooks along the different trail variations make for a good ride in the park.     

Trail Activity Hiking/Walking
Location Township D
Difficulty Strenuous
Length14.0 miles, Loop

This loop hike leaves ME Route 17 on the Appalachian Trail southbound to cross an old railroad grade and hike along the Bemis Ridgeline before joining a side trail that swings down into a valley and follow Bemis Stream back to the road.