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Starting from ME Route 3, turn off at the Hulls Cove Entrance to the park and the beginning of the Park Loop Road. Follow the Park Loop road 2.8 miles before turning left onto the one way section toward Sand Beach. Exit the Park Loop Road at Sieur de Monts, take another right turn immediately, following signs to the Nature Center. The walk begins to the right of the Nature Center.


To the right of the Nature Center is the Wild Gardens of Acadia area, a well tended garden featuring the native plants of Mount Desert Island. Just before the entrance into the garden, a wooden footbridge on the left provides access to the Jesup Path. A right on the path parallels the Gardens. After crossing the Hemlock Road (which is now considered part of the trail system and for pedestrian use only), the Jesup Path becomes a beautiful boardwalk through a boggy, white birch forest. The boardwalk ends as the trail crosses the Hemlock Road again. The Jesup Path continues through the Great Meadow ending at the Park Loop Road. The walk  continues crossing the Park Loop Road, and turning right on the Great Meadow Loop. The next junction is with the Hemlock Road. A right on the Hemlock Road leads back through the Great Meadow, passes the Jesup Path boardwalk, and leads through a forest of large hemlocks for which the road was named. The Hemlock Road ends at the Sieur de Monts parking lot.

Other Information

George B. Dorr, the Father of Acadia, considered the Sieur de Monts to be the "Heart of Acadia". The large hemlocks survived the Fire of 1947 which swept over the east side of the island burning 17,000 acres. Ten thousand acres were in the park. The Sieur de Monts area is a great place for bird watching during the spring and summer. Bats are common during the summer evenings. Barred owls can be seen and heard year around.

Dogs are allowed on this trail on a six foot leash. (They are not allowed in the Wild Gardens.)

Geocaching is prohibited within Acadia National Park; however, the park does sponsor an EarthCache Program for those seeking a virtual treasure hunt!

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