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To Visitor Center: Take ME Route 189 to Lubec.  From Lubec follow ME Route 189 onto the FDR Memorial Bridge and cross the US-Canadian border into Canada (passport/equivalent required). The main road becomes NB Route 774. Follow NB Route 774 approximately 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) to the intersection with Glensevern Road and take a left into the Visitor Centre and parking area. Here you can pick up a self-guided interpretive brochure for Eagle Hill Bog.

To Eagle Hill Bog: From the Visitor Centre, continue east on Glensevern Road into the park (crossing NB Route 774) for about 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers). The trailhead will be on the right, after passing Glensevern Lake.

During the summer months there is also a Tourist Information Centre on NB Route 774 just after crossing the US-Canadian Border. You can also ask for directions to the trailheads from there.


Roosevelt Campobello International Park is a combination indoor and outdoor site that includes the Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) summer home and a 1,133 hectare (2,800 acre) natural area. Natural Area trails wind through and past varied habitats including spruce-fir and hardwood forests, sphagnum bogs, fields, and seashore.

Eagle Hill Bog (1.0 km, 0.6 miles, relatively easy): This is one of the most interesting outdoor experiences in the park. The wooden pathway offers an excellent “dry” opportunity to explore the bog and view the vegetation. Resting benches and interpretative panels make the walk more enjoyable while an observation deck, connected to the wooden pathway by a short section of trail, offers scenic panoramic views from Eagle Hill. From the parking lot to the deck and back is a total of 0.6 miles. A self-guided tour handout is available at the Visitors Centre for an even more unique experience.

Other Information

Footwear for wet and slippery conditions is recommended, especially along trails that follow the shore for part of their course.

Cobscook Trails Project

The trails at Roosevelt Campobello International Park are part of a larger network of hiking trails in known as Cobscook Trails. Cobscook Trails is a cooperative project of conservation landowners and community partners that seeks to expand opportunities for nature-based recreation and tourism in eastern Washington County. The group produces Cobscook Trails: A Guide to Walking Opportunities around Cobscook Bay and Bold Coast Region, a 55 page booklet describing walks on 19 area properties. Find more information about Cobscook Trails, including how to purchase the guidebook, visit: The Cobscook Trails Project.

IMPORTANT: A valid passport or equivalent is required to cross international borders, including the United States-Canadian border. You must have these documents with you when visiting the park.

Trail Manager

Visit Roosevelt Campobello International Park online for more information and a printable map or contact:

Natural Resource and Planning Manager

Roosevelt Campobello International Park
Natural Resource and Planning Manager
PO Box 129
Lubec, ME 04652
Phone: 877-851-6663


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