Make your New Years Resolution with MTF!

January 1, 2020 Claire Polfus
Using MTF

Happy New Year!


The new year may simply mean turning over another page of the calendar, but it can also signify starting fresh, examining your goals and making resolutions for the coming year.

If you are looking to get outside more or explore new places in Maine, check out the Earn Badges feature on Maine Trail Finder!


Mahoosuc Trail in late spring
Mahoosuc Trail in late spring

What are digital badges?

Digital badges are trail challenges that we have curated for Maine Trail Finder users. They can be anything from logging a certain number of trails in a season to exploring trails centered on a theme. Each badge gives you a list of trails to explore to achieve the goal of the badge.


Essex Woods in Summer, Photo credit David Pena
Essex Woods in Summer, Photo credit David Pena

How do I earn badges?

To earn a badge, first create a free user account on Maine Trail Finder. Check out the current list of badges and choose which you would like to work toward. After you explore a trail, log it in your account. Once you have the right number of trails, you will automatically be awarded the badge and notified by email. Then you can share your badge on social media with your friends, or just keep going and start in on a new badge!


Higgins Mountain in fall, Photo credit: Michael Hanson
Higgins Mountain in fall, Photo credit: Michael Hanson

Which badge should I go for?

There are many to choose from! If you are someone who appreciates deadlines, you could consider the Winter Wanderer - you have to log 10 trails before the spring equinox. If you want to try multiple types of trails, try Allagash’s River Tripper, which celebrates Maine’s rivers, on water and off. Or, if you are interested in seeing what kind of trails young people like, try the Teens to Trails Trekker. Find the right badge for you here. If you don’t see the type of challenge you are looking for, let us know!

Wilson Lake in Winter
Wilson Lake in Winter

What motivates you to get outside? Do you like lists and specific goals or are you more free-form in your outdoor explorations? Let us know in comments! 

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